how we relate to god

Sundays at 9:00AM | Blended Worship

Our early service is a choir and orchestra led worship experience that is a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

Sundays at 10:30AM | Modern Worship

Our later service is a band led worship experience that is mainly modern worship songs.

CURRENT sermon series

"exiles", 1 Peter

Living in a land unsympathetic to your faith. Striving to clearly communicate a message that is contrary to the prevailing currents of culture. "Deceptive lies playing to disordered desires normalized by a sinful society." (Live No Lies, John Mark Comer) All of these descriptors are hauntingly familiar to all of us. It may feel as if we are navigating uncharted territory, blazing trails, going where no one has gone before. We are not. Would it surprise you that there is an ancient letter addressed to believers who were "foreigners" in their country of origin? (1 Peter 2:11) Our Bible contains a letter, 1 Peter, written to believers who were "elect exiles...by the foreknowledge of God the Father." (1 Peter 1:1-2) Peter wrote to these Gentile Christians about salvation, submission, and suffering. Let's learn together with our ancient brothers and sisters what it means to live as Godly citizens in an ungodly world.

Sundays at 9:00AM & 10:30AM