our discipleship plan and process

Making disciples who make disciples is Jesus' plan to reach the world, but how do we do that? Discipleship Groups are the most effective tool we've found to help people at all levels of experience or ability to get into the game and make disciples. D-Groups provide a simple, replicable plan for disciple making that leads to growth, accountability, and multiplication.

What is a d-group?

A Discipleship Group (D-Group) is made up of 3-5 men or women committed to 12 months of intense spiritual growth. Through daily reading, journaling, accountability, and weekly fellowship, the D-Group is intentional about growing and applying the Word to their lives. The ultimate goal of the D-Group is multiplication; realized when each member sets out (individually or in pairs) to replicate the group, inviting new men or women to take this discipleship journey with them and one day replicate the process themselves.


Two of the biggest barriers to growth in the church are a lack of Biblical engagement and a lack of authentic accountability. Without these two things - personal Bible reading and accountable relationships - most of us will eventually stall in our spiritual growth. D-Groups solve this problem! The greatest benefit of a D-Group is the plan and accountability it provides to help get people into the Word and keep them in the Word until the Word gets into them.

D-Groups also give us a replicable plan for making disciples. When people don't know what to do, they often don't do anything at all. Though we know our mission is to make disciples who make disciple makers, we just haven't been shown how to do it. and that lack of a plan keeps us inactive and ineffective. In D-Groups, we have a simple plan and repeatable process that anyone can follow to facilitate a group that leads to personal growth and multiplication!