Holding their first worship service on April 12, 1954, Brookwood began as a mission of Emmanuel Baptist Church at 8900 Kingston Road.  It was a bold step of trusting God that was first born in the hearts of a people and a pastor that were devoted to fully following God’s leading.  The leader of that move and our first pastor was Rev. Joe Flanagan. 


Another step of trust occurred in July of 1957.  Finances at that time were so low that there was not enough money for Brookwood to operate.  Three members pledged $50 each and twenty more made extra contributions of $5 each, enabling the church to stay afloat.  God’s people stepped forward in difficult times!  And God blessed!  Though not a perfect people, a pattern of trusting God was established. 


When Brookwood needed to relocate to where we are today, our trusting God was challenged on many fronts.  Our first plan did not result in a church move.  Neither did the second plan. 


During this time our pastor was Mark Sutton, his wife was Susan.  The Sutton family was called upon to bear the weight of Susan having a cancer that was terminal.  The membership of Brookwood had already pulled together to pray for and care for our Pastor’s wife and family.  Any disagreements concerning buildings and locations for the church seemed to subside during her illness.  It was difficult for the people to wrestle over such things when we were side-by-side, praying together.  This unity of the people was also demonstrated in many other ways in the church. 


But praise be to God there was to be a third plan, to build on the northwest corner of I-49 and Bert Kouns.  On February 15, 2004, we held our first regular service at the new location! 


We were able to choose our own address consisting of four numbers, beginning with a “9”.  We chose 9014 because of its connection with Psalm 90.14 which asks of God, “Satisfy us in the morning with Your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.”


Our lead pastor is David Rice who came to us in February of 2018.  His call to be our pastor was once again the people of Brookwood enthusiastically embracing God’s plan for his church. 


God would not have us live in yesterday’s dreams.  Over and again we have used the phrase, “God’s plan … our path” to align our hearts with his.  He would have us remember His faithfulness and build upon him the dreams of a future he has for his church!