Brookwood Discipleship

Disciple making is the Christ-commanded, Spirit-empowered duty of every disciple of Jesus to intentionally connect with others through accountable relationships in order to make reproducible disciples of Christ.

Print and/or read the Stages Informational Booklet HERE first (you can also request a booklet printed for you from the Discipleship Ministry).

For every new discipleship relationship, begin with an assessment. Send the participant here first:

Once they have completed the assessment and you have received it, the next step is to meet and have 'The Talk' with them.

  - The Talk for the Curious

  - The Talk for New Believers

  - The Talk for New Discipleship Relationships

Each time you meet, make sure you have printed a Meet-up Guide for your time together: Stages Meet-up Guide

Lessons for each Stage

(Print one lesson for each participant to bring to Meet-up)