Brookwood Student Ministry exists to show teenagers the love of God, true family, and how to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, our mission is to send students out ready for the road ahead.


Donuts, Community, & Bible Study!

We believe that relationships are important and our entire Sunday mornings revolve around that. Student DiscoverPoint helps point students back to their relationship with God: we are always looking for opportunities to speak the truth to students, guiding them towards The Lord through His Word.  We regularly break out into small groups so that students can safely process what God is teaching them. We also make prayer a priority, taking time each week to get to know the needs and concerns of each student so that we can lift them up to God. DiscoverPoint also helps students in their relationships with each other, providing fresh donuts, an atmosphere of fun, and quality leaders each week! We hope to see you there! 

SUNDAYS @ 9:00am


Mid-Week Discipleship, Worship, & Life Together!

Come to Brookwood Student Worship Services and experience community like you've never felt it before. Expect heartfelt worship, a lot of joy, biblical teaching, and authentic small groups! Come check us out on Wednesday nights for worship and teaching! Afterwards, students will meet together in an intentional small group with their peers. These small groups are led by amazing, Godly, hand-picked LifeGroup leaders who will pour God's love into students! We hope to see you on a Wednesday night!




    Masterpiece is a night for girls to remind them they are loved, worthy, and wanted! We are inviting all girls, 6-12 grade for a night of worship, truth, and fellowship. Masterpiece banquet will take place in The Tank on February 8, 2020, 5:30-8:00pm.  

    Volunteers are needed: we are in need of men, dads, mentors, and leaders who are willing to help treat these girls like a queen for this event. We will need them to help serve food, assist in refilling drinks, and connecting with the girls. Please let Daniel Faulkner know if you are able to help serve by February 1. Guests and volunteers register online here.


    Students, come watch the Superbowl, eat and hang with us! We will meet Sunday, February 2, from 5:30pm-7:30pm. 6-12th Grade @Scott & Mindi Wolf's house. Guys bring chips or 2-liter and girls bring dessert. Register here.

  • WINTER JAM 2020

    As a Student Ministry, we are meeting at Winter Jam on February 28 to worship together! The concert starts at 7pm. we will be getting in line at 4:15pm. Concert will go until approx. 11pm. Parents are responsible for making sure their child must stay with the group at all times, and for drop off and pick up. Contact Brandon Alvarez when you arrive at our location, 465.2573. We will stay together as a group and enjoy worship together! Bring $15 for general admission AND enough money to buy some supper ($15 estimated). Sign up here!



Parents of students (6th-12th) - text BBCParent to 97000 for texts on ministry activity.


Students - text BBCstudent to 97000 to be added to student texting services.

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I was born and raised in East Texas, growing up in church from a young age. We were at church every time there was an open door! Through this all, I fell into disobedience and hypocrisy; it is possible to be a church-attender but not a follower of God.

Students need people who will show them how to follow God. They need encouragement from someone that cares. Christ’s love compels me (2 Corinthians 5:14-15) to help young people in this journey of faith. At Brookwood Student Ministry, we help mend broken relationships, reach out to the least of these, encourage spiritual growth, build events that draw students to God, disciple students in both small and large group settings, and raise up leaders who can do the same. Our goal is to encourage students to be the men and women God called them to be (Ephesians 4:14-16). We believe we can do this, all while having joy, living life, and connecting with students where they’re at!

My wife, Summer, and I met in Memphis Tennessee in 2015 - both doing youth ministry at the time. We were married in 2016. She is my best friend and the best partner anyone could ask for. Our son, Jacob, was born recently (September 27, 2018) and we hope and pray he uses his relationship with God one day to be a beacon of light to others who are struggling. We enjoy a good laugh, eatin’ some Cajun food, and spending quality time with others. Hope to see you around!