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Our Vision

Our vision is to see lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ. At Brookwood we say we are to guide everyone we meet to a life centered in Christ.

A life centered in Christ is a life that is loving, living, growing, giving, and influencing. We call these our mission measures. They help us measure how well we are accomplishing our mission.

  •  Loving - loving God; regularly participating in a weekly worship service
  •  Living - living your life with others in a LifeGroup
  •  Growing - growing daily in having your life centered in Christ and learning through DiscoverPoints
  •  Giving - giving yourself by sharing your abilities, passions, and finances to serve others and joining a ServeTeam
  •  Influencing - influencing others to love, live, grow, give, and have their life centered in Christ

There are five experiences we want everyone to have. We call this our strategy.

  •  Worship - There are 3 weekend worship services. We want you to experience one of them on a weekly basis.
  •  LifeGroup - Small group Bible study goes by many names - Sunday School, home groups, cell groups, etc. We call them LifeGroups. We want everyone to experience a LifeGroup and share life with people just like them as they study the Bible together.
  •  DiscoverPoint - These experiences are opportunities for enhanced spiritual growth. "Continuing Education" classes is a good description for these periodic seminars, studies, and events. We hope you will experience growth in your spiritual maturity through DiscoverPoints as they are offered and you are available.
  •  ServeTeam - Servants serve. We are God's servants and we serve Him and His church. ServeTeams are how we are organized to serve. We want you to experience the fulfillment that comes from accomplishing a task well, meeting a need, or making something happen.
  •  Influence - Everyone influences someone. Not all influence is good. We hope everyone we meet experiences positive influence for having their life centered in Christ. You can be one of those influencers as you invest your life in others and invite them to experience Jesus and Brookwood.

You can find out much more about our vision in StartingPoint.


Location & Directions

Brookwood is located at the corner of I-49 and Bert Kouns Industrial loop in Shreveport, Louisiana.


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