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How To Be Used By God  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  July 5, 2017
Don't we all want our lives to matter? There are people in the bible who definitely did. Diving into the story of Zacchaeus can give us the right perspective on how to be used by God.  
Rejection  |  Listen Now
Melinda Wallace |  June 28, 2017
Failure is a part of life that nobody likes! Jesus had his own share of rejections. Observing Christ's life can save the avid Christian a lot of time and frustration! Listen in as Melinda leads us into key lessons regarding rejection. 
Humility  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  June 7 , 2017
Who is this life about? God gives an answer that may surprise some people. But this lesson doesn't hold back - listen in for the true definition of humility.  
How A Christian's Birth Is Radical  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  May 31, 2017
What happens when a person becomes a Christian? Coming alive in Christ contains more than meets the eye. Listen in and don't be surprised if the answers go beneath the surface.  
Follow Him  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  May 24, 2017
Ever wonder what type of leader Jesus is? This lesson dives into Christ's role in the life of the believer.  You might be surprised at Christ's leadership style. 
Temptations  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  May 10, 2017
Are temptations really that big of a deal? Diving into the life of Jesus shows that the fight against sin is not a casual one. Listen in for a deeper take at Jesus in the wilderness and the dangers of temptation. 
How To Dominate Sin |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  May 3, 2017
Ever feel like sin is taking over? Taking a closer look at the baptism of Jesus shows us a powerful picture of sin's defeat. This message is a breath of fresh air to all who desire new life in Christ and victory over the power of sin. 
Teenage Jesus |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  April 26, 2017
Ever wonder what Jesus was like as a teenager? The answer is surprising; take a look at scripture and we'll find some interesting observations that, when applied to our own lives, could make all the difference in the world.  
Good News Worth Sharing  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  April 19, 2017
What's so good about Jesus? A few shepherds on a legendary night in the first century quickly found out the answer to that question. Listen in and hear about a man infinitely worth sharing about to others. 
Teenage Drama  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  April 12, 2017
Ever go through tough times? Mary, the mother of Jesus, did. She was given a situation in which she could have been divorced - or worse, killed. Listen in as we study how she responded. 
Destiny  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  April 5, 2017
What was the purpose of Jesus? We believe that he had a specific destiny. Check out this podcast to study the lineage that he came from and the purpose that he came for. 
How Christians Are Like Zombies  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Mar 22, 2017
Just how strong is God, really? Strong enough to make a dead man walk. Take a listen and hear how God raises a Christian to life and what that means for us today.
How To Mess Up Your Relationship With God  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Mar 15, 2017
Want to know how to avoid messing up your relationship with God? Luckily, we have examples in scripture of what not to do. This lesson takes a look at Zeke (King Zedekiah, 6th Century BC) and draws out a few key observation from some of his biggest mistakes.  
Heart Surgery  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Mar 8, 2017
What is going on with my distaste of godliness? The reality is this: apart from Christ we hate what is good and love what is evil. We need heart surgery. 
Repentance  |  Listen Now
Zack Harp |  Feb 15, 2017
Why should I repent? Zack dives into this vital question and skillfully points out the grace of God that lies beneath the surface. This lesson, when applied, could turn your life around! 
We Can Be A Little Punk Sometimes  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Feb 8, 2017
There are so many "punks" out there today...but through the story of Jonah we see that we are that punk sometimes! Check out this special take at Jonah - where whales are de-emphasized and Jesus is highlighted - for an encouraging reminder of God's relentless grace. 
Amazing Love  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Feb 1, 2017
Where is the never-ending faithfulness these days? We see it in dogs but not even in ourselves! Through the story of Hosea, we catch a glimpse a God who never gives up, never falls short, and lays it all on the line. 
Lessons From Zeke  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Jan 25, 2017
There are important lessons to be learned from men of the past. Want to hear about three that we can see from Hezekiah? Listen in to hear how "Zeke" responded to the lies of the enemy, a crises of faith, and the goodness of God!
Jesus: Our Ultimate Scapegoat  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Jan 18, 2017 
Isaiah prophesies of a suffering servant that will come one day to take the sins of the world. Who is this suffering servant, and what does it mean for our lives? Jump into this podcast to find out that Good News was planned far before Jesus was ever born. 
When God Calls  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Dec 14, 2016 
Want to know about the most important call you'll ever get? Spoiler alert for this sermon: It's not a phone call. God is calling, and it's a call worth answering. 
Unmet Expectations |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Dec 7, 2016 
What happens when God throws you a curve ball? There's a lesson from a man called Namaan that can help in such a situation. Hear and apply these helpful principles!
When You're Afraid...  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner |  Nov 30, 2016 
 We are all tempted with fear. Listen and you'll hear the truth about how God responds when his people tremble. We know you'll be encouraged by what you hear. 
Worshipping Our God  |  Listen Now
Josh Rodgers |  Nov 16, 2016 
Want to go "all in" with God, but don't know where to start? Listen as Josh dives into what it looks like to follow God. Be encouraged: worshipping God is something anyone can do. 
Suffering: What It Doesn't Mean  |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner  |  Oct 19, 2016 
Life is hard. We often see God as the problem. Tune in and you'll see that the book of Job dispels a few myths about suffering.  
Looking for Answers...Finding Jesus |  Listen Now
Daniel Faulkner  |  Oct 12, 2016  
The world around us is filled with problems. What are we as Christians to do in the face of pain, suffering, and injustice? Daniel expounds on how the book of Ecclesiastes answers this.  
Out of a Rut, Into Rest  |  Listen Now
Zack Harp  |  Oct 03, 2016  
Solomon had a great start...but not so hot of a finish. So what does that mean for our lives?  Zack shares his heart on how to replace the pains from sin with the rest that Christ brings!

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