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What to Expect

You can expect smiling greeters at the doors, fresh coffee, comfortable seats, great music, relevant messages, and people just like you.

  •  When should I get there?

    In order to get settled in the worship service before it begins, you should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the service time. If you have preschoolers or children to get settled, you should arrive about 15 minutes before the service starts.

  •  What should I wear?

    Most people at Brookwood dress for comfort. There is no official attire. The majority of people in the 9:00am Sunday service wear more traditional church attire - dresses and suits. However, you will find people in every service wearing jeans. Please keep in mind that you are coming to a worship service with many other people and please dress to not make them uncomfortable.

  •  Do my kids go to the worship service with me?

    Yes, they can. However, we believe the best option is for your children to participate in the age-appropriate programming provided just for them. Special programming for babies-5th grade is provided during each of our worship services. 6th-12th grade students have a worship service at 6:00pm on Wednesdays and a DiscoverPoint class at 9:00am on Sundays. If you do take children to the worship service, please keep in mind that the pastor is speaking to adults and he may use words you might not want to explain to your children yet. Also, please be considerate of other worshipers and the potential for children to become bored and disruptive in worship.

  •  How can I find out more about Brookwood and how do I become a member?

    Whether you want to become a member or just find out more, you should go to StartingPoint. At regular intervals, our pastor leads this seminar sharing what is important to Brookwood and how we are trying to make a difference in the world. Anyone wanting to become a member of Brookwood has to go through this seminar.

Location & Directions

Brookwood is located at the corner of I-49 and Bert Kouns Industrial loop in Shreveport, Louisiana.


Contact Us

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