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What is it exactly that you are talking about when you talk about "the church?" More than likely, you aren't talking about a people nearly as often as you are talking about a place. You have conversations about "going to church" or "having church." You drop your kids off for Mothers Day Out or Vacation Bible School at "the church." You talk about the need for "the church" to offer fresh and exciting ministries for young adults or single moms. You talk about a place, a campus, a building, and, in doing so, you talk about something foreign to realm of Scripture. The church of the New Testament was not a place but a group of people from different backgrounds who all came together under the banner of Christ. They grew together in love and unity and shared everything they owned. Their faith was real, and they ultimately changed the world. What does it look like today for us to stop "going" to church and to start "Being" the church?

February 9, 2014 • Weston Brown
Being | Community
Acts 2:42-47
February 16, 2014 • Weston Brown
Being | Discipleship
Colossians 3
February 23, 2014 • Mike Smith
Being | Bold to Tell


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