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July 13, 2008 • Mark Sutton
God's Measuring Stick
Galatians 5:22-25
The Apostle Paul lists the fruit of the spirit-filled life as examples of the outward manifestations of true Christ-followers.
July 6, 2008 • Mark Sutton
A Plan to Turn America Back to God
Revelation 18:3-8
God has no use for Christians who stand for nothing.
June 29, 2008 • Mark Sutton
It's Time for Your Checkup
Galatians 5:19-21
A life centered in Christ something we must work on daily - but something we can accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit.
June 22, 2008 • Mark Sutton
The Church Everyone Wants to Join
Galatians 5:13-18
To discover that living a life centered in Christ means living by the Spirit.
June 15, 2008 • Mark Sutton
How to Stay Free From Sin
Galatians 5:1-10
Focusing on Christ's return,and not on Earthly things,frees us from sin's bondage.
June 8, 2008 • John Harp
What's So Special About Prayer?
Luke 11:1-4
June 1, 2008 • Mark Sutton
Finances 101

The Bible has a lot to say about how we, as believers, manage the money and possessions God provides us.
May 25, 2008 • Mark Sutton
Stay Out of (Sin's) Prison
Galatians 4:6
Following Paul's message of grace + nothing keeps us out of sin's prison.
May 18, 2008 • Mark Sutton
Oh,Grow Up!
Galatians 4:1-5
Living under the Law instead of under Grace is an indication of spiritual immaturity.
May 11, 2008 • Mark Sutton
Galatians 3:22-29
God offers you a life free of sin and guilt,a life of protection and with a bright future!

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