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August 26, 2007 • Mark Sutton
Proverbs 3:1-4
Discover God's formula that guarantees prosperity. (Proverbs 3:1-4)
August 18, 2007 • Mark Sutton
Brookwood at the Crossroads

Mark details his vision for a radical change in the way Brookwood reaches people saying, "There are too many lost people to let fear of change or love of comfort to guide us."
August 12, 2007 • Mark Sutton
Fool's Gold
Luke 15:25-32
God wants you and I to have a passion for the lost,not simply performing tasks in His service.
August 5, 2007 • Mark Sutton
The Treasure Map
Luke 15:11-24
The right treasure map tells me how to find my way back home - to God.
July 29, 2007 • Mark Sutton
The Prize
Luke 15:1-10
Since the Creation and the Garden of Eden,God has focused on people,especially restoring their relationship with Him.
July 22, 2007 • John Harp
Mess or Masterpiece?

God has committed Himself to us to begin a work of rebirthing in us, and remodeling us into the image of His son, the Lord Jesus.
July 15, 2007 • Michael Smith
The Last Missionary

In the "Great Commission" Jesus shares the primary action God expects from the individuals who make up the church.
July 8, 2007 • Mark Sutton
Dealing With Doubt

When dealing with the doubts that arise when you face trials and tribulations, the key is to focus on God's power and promises.
July 1, 2007 • Mark Sutton
The Sacrifice
2 Timothy 4:1-7
Any revolution requires its followers to discipline and sacrifice themselves for the cause; God's revolution requires no less fr
June 24, 2007 • Mark Sutton
The Vision
1 Corinthians 9:19-23
Revolutionaries,by their very nature,are uncomfortable with maintaining the status quo,choosing instead to live their lives d

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Brookwood is located at the corner of I-49 and Bert Kouns Industrial loop in Shreveport, Louisiana.


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